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Chicken Lovers


Served with Daily Soup & Your Choice of Rice, Fries, Steamed Vegetables or Salad.

* We use natural charcoal

BBQ CHICKEN TEKKA - 2 Skewers - $15

Marinated chunks of chicken breast OR boneless chicken thighs - served with rice and raisins



Marinated chicken breast served with rice and raisins


BBQ CHICKEN KABOB - 3 Skewers - $14

Freshly ground chicken breast & thighs served with basmati rice and BBQ tomato


CHICKEN CREAM CHOP - 2 Pieces - $16

Deep-fried tenderized and breaded chicken breast. Served with basmati rice and raisins



Best of marinated BBQ chicken. Served with basmati rice, raisins and garlic dip


BBQ CHICKEN - Half $15 Whole $25

Best of BBQ chicken served with biryani rice and curry sauce


All dishes are served with pita bread and pickles - All taxes are extra - 15% gratuity will apply to groups of 8 & more