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Rich BBQ Dishes


Served with Daily Soup & Your Choice of Rice, Fries, Steamed Vegetables or Salad.

* We use natural charcoal


Best of marinated BBQ beef. Served with rice, raisins, and tahina sauce


BEEF TEKKA - 2 Skewers - $20

Tender pieces of beef served with basmati rice, raisins, BBQ tomato and vegetables


LAMB CHOPS - 4 Pieces - $22

BBQ lamb chops served with basmati rice or fries


BBQ QUAILS - 3 Pieces - $16

Three large quails marinated and grilled, served with basmati rice or fries



Tender and juicy marinated T-Bone steak served with a choice of basmati rice, fries or onion rings



Combination of beef kabob, chicken tekka, chicken cream chop, beef shawarma, potato chop and kibi halab. Served with basmati rice


WINDSOR PALACE PLATE - 3 to 5 people - $60

Best combination of beef kabob, chicken tekka, beef and chicken shawarma, chicken cream chop, 2 kibi halab, 2 potato chop, 2 egg roll, and 4 grape leaves. Served with biryani rice


All dishes are served with pita bread and pickles - All taxes are extra - 15% gratuity will apply to groups of 8 & more